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By | March 6th, 2017

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  • prakaidao baengsunita says:

    i would like to get full 2days report. could you send me please.

  • Dr. Yen Kheng Tan says:

    I am interested. Leading player in IoT devices.

    • Asia IoT Business Platform says:

      Hi Dr. Yen,

      Thanks for your comment and that sounds great. Perhaps you can drop us an email at info@industry-platform.com and share more about yourself and your company. We can explore opportunities for you in the IoT space.

  • Rev Ong says:

    I think the government should take lead in the implementation of IoT. Without proper success in IoT in public sector, the market will never pick up IoT due to lack of confidence. And in this waiting game, the leader always get to set the pace. But if any Asian country can obtain success, Indonesia will always be my highest prospect.

  • Rev Ong says:

    Just like how this article is trying to say “Do not let technology determines the outcome”, the strategy of implementation should do just the same.
    Set the objectives, and use IoT as tools to achieve it. Asian Industrial players should not move too fast or else the bubble will burst prematurely.

  • Sam says:

    Good read!

  • Sanjay Bhardwaj says:

    An interesting note , we have a health technology company specializing in Tele-Medicine / m-health , will be keen to explore business avenues in Myanmar ,

  • Su Htwe says:

    @Sunil Desai Thank you for your insights!
    You’re absolutely right that Myanmar needs to address this situation from the start of the production cycle, and find some way to turn garbage into something reusable.
    But that does need infrastructure change, which is a long-term issue. That’s why in my opinion, Myanmar can think of a quick-fix solution for the moment before they can tackle this on a scale.

  • Sunil Desai says:

    It would be interesting to know more about how exactly this can be commissioned in developing country like Myanmar in true sense.
    Most probably, this is a country where dry and wet waste is not segregated. There is no concept of recycling of plastics, paper and so on. There is no control on amount plastics produced and dumped. Huge problem about garbage dumping locations near cities and so on.

    According to me none of these can fly until we can use engineering & technology to take care of this garbage at the place it is produced say every big premise or housing complex. Say convert all wet into either energy or fertilizers and all dry in much miniature form which can be easily transported once a week or so as raw material for something useful.

  • Su says:

    Very insightful

  • admin says:

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