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Asia Pacific

Delivering the Internet of Things promise: bridging the CIO and CEO functions

A recent released results from a survey of 200 IT and business leaders released by TEKsystems finds close to one in four organizations (22%) saying that IoT is already delivering “a substantial impact" on their businesses.

By Yue Yeng Fong | May 1st, 2017

Asia Pacific

Observations: Adoption of IoT in Southeast Asia, 2015

We spent a large part of the year in the cities of Manila, Bangkok, Jakarta & Kuala Lumpur speaking to local enterprises about this (too) broad & (too) overused term: the Internet of Things (IoT). We discovered very quickly that while IoT seems to be very much over/wrongly-used in the English speaking world, there really isn't a direct local translation in these 4 countries.

By Sue Yuin Ho | May 1st, 2017