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[:en]Traffic congestion is a huge source of economic inefficiency in major cities around the world, not to forget the massive environmental costs involved as well. Governments have experimented with many solutions in a bid to solve this persistent urban issue, but only few have managed to develop ones that are both sustainable and effective.

In collaboration with IBM, the Swedish Roads Administration (Trafikverket) developed a smart road use management system implementing M2M capabilities like RFID, which saw a significant reduction in traffic congestion.

The speaker, Ole Jansson, a project manager and senior business advisor with the Swedish Roads Administration, led the operation of the Swedish congestion tax systems in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Through the introduction of innovative designs and new operational concepts, these congestion charging systems are currently the world’s most successful implementations of their kind.

Since its inception, there has been a 20 – 25% reduction in overall traffic volume. It is also estimated that 84 million euros in associated economic costs were saved, which would be re-directed to improve traffic infrastructure.

Ole has accumulated a wealth of experience from having been involved in large scale international engineering projects in North America, Australia, China and South East Asia.

Indonesia is a country Ole is very familiar with. He is very aware of the traffic conditions in many major Indonesian cities such as Jakarta and Bandung. Do not miss the opportunity to learn from his experience on tailoring M2M solutions based on specific city conditions and requirements to tackle traffic congestion when he speaks at the Asia M2M IoT Business Platform 2015 at Fairmont Jakarta, Indonesia from 25-26 August 2015.[:]

Do you know that the runner-up for Twitter’s 2014 Golden Tweet came from Indonesia?

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The 2014 Golden Tweet went to Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar Selfie with 3.4 million retweets

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The runner-up for the Golden Tweet 2014 went to a tweet tweeted by an Indonesian in Indonesia
















Twitter recognises the tweet with most retweets as the Golden Tweet. In 2014, the Golden Tweet went to famed American celebrity, Ellen DeGeneres for her legendary ‘selfie’ tweet which featured other celebrities present at the star-studded Oscars. What caught our attention though, was the runner-up for the Golden Tweet. Coming in second, a politically-charged tweet by an Indonesian– in-lieu with Indonesia’s presidential election in 2014–took the Twitterscape by storm. That particular tweet garnered more than a million retweets and a whopping 30 000 favourites.

The Twitter-user was nowhere near the status of Ellen DeGeneres as a public figure or in terms of followers. Yet, it managed to give DeGeneres a run for her money.

While this might come as a shock to many, we have no doubts about it. Despite being in Southeast Asia and APAC, which is often assumed to be less developed than many other regions in the world in many aspects, Indonesia is undoubtedly a social media-wired nation. Apart from managing to send a tweet propelling up to be a Golden Tweet runner-up, Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta, was touted as the world’s most active city on Twitter. With 254.4 million tweets in 2014, the city contributed 2.4% of the world’s total tweets. The city also came in fourth in the world for Facebook activeness.

This makes Indonesia not only a social media giant, but also one of the most connected nations in the world. The rapid adoption of new technologies with the presence of a dynamic, young, and digital-minded population and workforce, on top of a consumer base of 170 million people, make Indonesia a nation with increasingly sophisticated expectations. This is evident from the emergence of Cloud Computing as a major element in Indonesia IT policies; a market that is set to reach more than $120 million b 2017. This is on top of the booming e-commerce (forecasted to hit $US18 billion in 2015), e-logistics, and Finance IT sectors.

There is apparent effort in Indonesia to improve its infrastructure to meet the exigencies of a modern and tech-savvy social and economic landscape. Coupling regulatory mandates and burgeoning investments from regional and global tech enterprises, Indonesia’s efforts and progress in developing the country to be a ‘smarter’ nation will definitely be catalysed.

Asia IoT Business Platform seeks to anchor this vision by holding the 5th edition in Jakarta this coming August. Sponsors, exhibitors, and participants are welcome to participate to bring the future closer for this promising nation.

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