2022 AIBP ASEAN Enterprise Innovation Award Nominations

This form contains 3 sections
1. Nominator Details
2. Enterprise Innovation Award Nominee Details
3. Winner Notification Contact Details

Nomination Deadline: 12 August 2022
  • Nominator Details

  • 2022 Enterprise Innovation Award Nominee

    The nominee must be based in the country of nomination and the project was implemented in the country of nomination.
  • Guidelines: The below paragraph should provide a short introduction of the Nominee's operating environment and the reason why the nominee decided to embark on digital transformation.
  • Guidelines: The below paragraph should discuss the steps taken to implement the digital transformation initiative. Why is this product/solution unique or innovative compared to others in the market? How has the implementation of the solution brought benefit to end-users or customers? Do also mention the use of any frontier technology(ies) such as IoT, AI, Robotics, Immersive Tech, Blockchain etc.
  • Guidelines: The below paragraph should discuss the results of the digital transformation initiative. It should describe What is measured and how current results compare with historical performance.
  • Guidelines: The below paragraph should discuss the scalability of the digital transformation initiative and how it fits into a larger plan. Or, how the initiative can be scaled up or developed further as part of the firms strategy.
  • Guidelines: The below paragraph describes external (vendors, consultants) and internal resources (different departments) and how they contributed to the project's success.
  • Enterprise Contact Details

    Please provide contact details from the enterprise who would be able to present the case study if selected as a finalist.