Navigating the Intersection of Sustainable Growth, Business & Technology

Fostering Thailand 4.0 through Talent Development and Investment

Thailand continues to progress on its Thailand 4.0 Economic Model as it concentrates on digital improvements that promotes productivity, efficiency as well as enhancing the quality of life. To propel this transformation forward and promote innovation, the government introduced the “peopleware” campaign, an education reform project aimed at equipping graduates with the skills required to serve the country’s changing labour market and allow Thailand to attain the full potential of Industry 4.0. Furthermore, in 2021, The Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) approved a series of measures to accelerate investments in target industries to encourage businesses to adopt digital technologies.

Furthering 5G Investment through Parterships between Government and the Private Sector:

Despite being an early adopter of 5G technology for digital transformation, Thailand announced in 2022 the establishment of the Thailand 5G Alliance between government agencies such as MDES and private firms such as Huawei and AIS. In doing so, Thailand hopes to further establish policy framework and action plans in promoting applications of 5G technology and manage the telecommunication infrastructure that supports 5G technology. Thailand's revenue from 5G technology is predicted to reach US$41 billion by 2030, and stands the country in good stead in producing a competitive advantage in the space whilst also increasing productivity and opportunities in the economy.

DEPA’s aggressive Smart City roll-out

Following up from the creation of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), within which two smart cities produce more than 10% of Thailand’s GDP, the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) continue to collaborate with stakeholders in solving crucial urban issues using technology. Given the initiative is a key component of Thailand 4.0, the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES) announced in 2021 that Thailand will have over 100 smart cities by the end of 2022, in which technology and digital solutions are used to boost efficiency in the various aspects of a city.

Navigating the Intersection of Sustainable Growth, Business & Technology

Governments and businesses have become increasingly aware of the need to operate in a sustainable manner. However, sustainable growth is not only about complying with regulations or meeting social responsibility goals. It is also about creating long-term value for shareholders and other stakeholders by managing environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities in a way that creates value.

Throughout our role of driving digitalisation ecosystems in Malaysia, we have seen first-hand how the discussion on digital transformation has changed from understanding the benefits to deriving real value from technology implementation projects. In response to the government’s interest, we will be mobilising business users in Malaysia to discuss the role that technology plays in sustainable growth and evaluate how to enhance returns from technology investments as we seek to identify the key elements for a successful digital strategy.

ASEAN Innovation Business Platform (AIBP)

AIBP offers Southeast Asia’s most comprehensive platforms for stakeholders in the enterprise technology ecosystem to gather, connect and discuss growth, innovation and digital transformations in the region. Hosted annually in Southeast Asian countries since 2014, this is the 6th year AIBP is held in Bangkok.

This is a dynamic industry platform that should not be missed if you wish to understand more about enterprise digital transformation in Thailand, understand businesses’ technology adoption, and establish important connections that will benefit you and your organization in many ways.

We look forward to welcoming you in Thailand this coming November!

Date: 29 - 30 November 2022

Time: 9 AM - 5 PM (GMT+8)
Time: 9 AM - 4 PM (GMT+8)


Morning Session (29 November)
Keynote Session
9.00 AM - 11.10 AM
Organisational Readiness & PDPA in the Digital Economy
11.10 AM - 1.30 PM

Afternoon Session (29 November)
Fintech & New Banking for Thailand
1.30 PM - 3.20 PM
Delivering on the Digital Economy
3.20 PM - 5.00 PM

Morning Session (30 November)
Industry 4.0 for Net-Zero 2030
9.00 AM - 11.15 AM
Smart Manufacturing
11.15 AM - 1.30 PM

Afternoon Session (30 November)
Sustainable, Safe & Smart Cities
1.30 PM - 3.15 PM
Thailand in the Metaverse
3.10 PM - 4.00 PM

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