Business and Data Resilience: Enhancing Security, Compliance and Governance

The World Economic Forum recently declared cybercrime to be a greater threat to society than terrorism. Because every connected gadget you add to a network is a potential point of failure that an attacker could exploit, hacking and cybercrime will inevitably become more of a concern as machines take over more of our lives. As networks of linked devices become more sophisticated, identifying the causes of failure becomes increasingly challenging.

Furthermore, given the volume of data generated in today's world, there will be a large amount of data saved on various infrastructures, data centers, and personal computing devices. As a result, businesses all over the world have experimented with various techniques, with data resiliency being a top priority for many.

The financial sector, in particular, is more exposed than ever to stealthy and persistent cyber-attacks, especially as more and more of the industry's staff moves to remote working. In this discussion, we'll look at how regional BFSIs are breaking down data silos to improve resiliency and visibility, the role of blockchain and other digital technologies in data resiliency and some of the best practices for defending against cyberthreats.

Date: 2 November 2021
Time: 2:30 PM - 4 PM (GMT+8)

Focus Discussion:

- The New Normal of Cyberthreats and Risk: Trends, Impact and Considerations

- Unlocking Data Siloes to Improve Resiliency and Extend Visibility

- The Potential of Blockchain and Other Digital Technologies in Data Resiliency

- Best Practices for Protection against Cyberthreats and Risk


Handika Fakhrizal Hakim
Head of Business Analytics Department, Enterprise Data Management Group
Bank Mandiri, Indonesia

Dr. Kitti Kosavisutte
Senior Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer
Bangkok Bank, Thailand

Panuwat Kongapun
Vice President, Shared Operation & Contour Project Manager​
Bangkok Bank, Thailand

Sheena Chin
Managing Director
Cohesity ASEAN, Singapore

Sam Tanskul
Managing Director
Krungsri Finnovate, Thailand
Head of Innovation & Fintech
Krungsri Consumer, Thailand
Head of Innovation Lab
Krungsri Bank, Thailand

CK Mah
Regional Director, Southeast Asia
Menlo Security, Singapore

Steven Low
Chief Risk Officer
Prince Bank Cambodia, Cambodia