Meeting New Omnichannel
Customer Needs

According to the 2021/22 AIBP ASEAN Enterprise Innovation Survey, digital marketing, customer centricity, personalisation are key focus areas of digital transformation for 33% of ASEAN Retailers. 60% believe that a unified data platform to aggregate data will drive the largest benefit for the industry.

With store-based retail sales growth stagnating or declining in the region, retailers are shifting towards omnipresence with key trends in product and service convergence, going direct-to-consumer and digitalisation of core operations and processes. Industry stakeholders have become interdependent on one another, and expanded and tailored their horizontal and vertical capabilities to new consumer demands and preferences.

Join our 2022 AIBP ASEAN Innovation Award Finalists as they share their case studies on retail innovation

Date: 14 September 2022
Time: 10.00 AM - 11.30AM (GMT+8)

2022 AIBP ASEAN Innovation
Award Finalists

• Index Living Mall

• Robinsons Retail Holdings

• SM Malls Online

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