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AIBP Focus: Customer Interactions in the Internet Economy

For consumer-facing businesses, customer-centricity is the new normal. A key component of customer experience is customer communications across the customer journey. Digital solutions and platforms for customer communications management today enable omnichannel, automated, personalized, proactive, and most importantly, effective customer communications.

Valuable customer insights gained from customer interactions can be translated into new business models, strategies and value propositions to benefit both the customer and the business. What goes into creating a robust customer communication strategy for enterprises in ASEAN?

Key discussion points include:

• Customer Communication Strategies for Online Customer Experience
• Overcommunications: The Efficiency Threshold
• Value Creation from Customer Insights

Please note that these discussions are not public in nature. Confirmed registrants will be sent a final email with your access link to the selected discussion.

*AIBP Focus is a series of discussions held online which brings together a focus group of ASEAN stakeholders to discuss topics related to enterprise technology adoption in the region.

You are indicating your interest for the following session held on Zoom which will take place on 19 August, 1000 – 1130 (GMT+8).

AIBP Focus 2021 - Customer Interactions in the Internet Economy

Thank you for your interest in the AIBP FOCUS Sessions held on Zoom. As this is a closed-door discussion session, only confirmed participants will receive their individual logins prior to the session.





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