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ASEAN Enterprise Digitalisation Survey Results

Every year, AIBP consolidates input from Enterprise IT stakeholders across Southeast Asia’s major markets to comprehend the opportunities present.

We released the full results of our 2020 AIBP ASEAN Enterprise Digital Transformation Survey on 26th December 2020, where 664 enterprise stakeholders from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam gave their inputs

If you’re interested in more of the ASEAN Enterprise Digital Transformation Survey results, please let us know your interest below for us to send you the relevant information:

73% expect an increase in their organisation’s investments in digital technology in 2021. A large majority of respondents (65%) identified big data analytics as a technology they are planning to invest in over the next 2-4 years. IoT (44%), AI (34%) and RPA (33%) are priorities as well. This applies especially within the Distribution, Transportation, Logistics & Freight vertical with 74% of them identifying Big Data Analytics as the key investment.

Brand Equity: IBM has overtaken Microsoft as the brand most enterprise stakeholders recall when asked about digital transformation technology solution providers. Within domestic markets, local telecommunications their capabilities within the digitalisation space but are starting from a strong foundation in terms of brand identity. The hype around 5G must have helped?