AIBP Innovation Award

Every year, during our in-country local activities, AIBP recognises local enterprises which have embarked on adoption of digital technology to improve their business processes. A neutral selection committee is formed in each country to review local nominations and select the winners.

These winners will be invited to present their transformation projects and a panel of judges will choose the ASEAN winner based on three criteria:

  1. Problem Statement & Idea
  2. Execution and Business Impact (cost saving, revenue generated, customer satisfaction etc.)
  3. Future Plans and Potential


For each country, 2 innovation projects from eligible enterprises are awarded annually


All awardees are invited to present their winning projects in Singapore at the start of each year


A panel of judges comprised of digital transformation stakeholders and leaders will score
each submission


Winning projects are selected through aggregation of the scores awarded by the panel of judges

Innovation Projects