Achieving Operational Reliability with BIM and DCS Technologies: Maynilad Water Services, Inc., Philippines

Incorporating technology like digital twin, Maynilad’s integrated platform for management of their wastewater and water treatment plants allowed for optimised water services in the Philippines where water shortage is a key issue.

AIBP 2020 Philippines Enterprise Innovation Award Winner

Project Summary

With Maynilad’s growing complex and digitised facilities, adopting new platforms in building wastewater and water treatment plants was the next step in its digital transformation journey. 

Maynilad used Building Information Modeling (BIM) for platform design and construction and Distributed Control System (DCS) as an integrated platform for plant control, monitoring, data analysis and visualization of the treatment facility. Today, Maynilad’s Putatan Water Treatment Plant 2 stands to deliver 150 million liters per day of treated water with secure and reliable operations. 

The Maynilad team also conducts test verification of the process control system of the plant through Digital Twin. This test evaluation uses the DCS platform to simulate the process control system of the plant prior to operation, allowing for the successful commissioning of the plant process control system. Maynilad has also adapted the Digital Twin Platform for Plant Simulation, which proved to be very useful in plant commissioning, operation analysis, change management, training, and plant optimisation. 

Maynilad believes that their workplace technology will become increasingly intelligent and capable of pulling the weight of routine tasks. The use of BIM and implementation of DCS will help unlock new modes of engagement and result in a more meaningful and accessible employee experience.

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