Ayala Land’s Drive to Simplify Internal Users’ Experience of Applications

Ayala Land’s Assistme application provides a seamless customer experience and utilises technology to deliver integrated service resolutions.

AIBP 2021 Philippines Enterprise Innovation Award Winner

Project Summary

Ayala Land Inc. is the largest property developer in the Philippines with 12,483 hectares in their land bank, 30 estates, and presence in 57 growth centers across the country with an estimated market capitalisation of US$10.4 Billion.

To provide a seamless experience for users of enterprise applications and technology services across the group, the Enterprise Technology Division developed the Assistme IT service application. Assistme seeks to enhance customer experience, use process automation with end-to-end integration across different applications to deliver a service, build an SAP Segregation of Duties validation for audit compliance, as well as increase configurability so it can be rolled out across their SBUs with a total user base of 21,000+. Customer Experience was improved as evident by reduction in ticket cancellation and lower average resolution time. 28% of Tickets through the service desk are handled by Automation.

Assistme’s technology stack includes Outsystem (low code platform-as-a-service), Automation Anywhere for RPA, IBM App Connect as the integration platform, and Power BI for the service dashboard. Assistme’s automated and integrated services provided more efficiency using a service-oriented architecture design. The design of the technology stacks will serve as a model for developing apps for Ayala Land’s future digital initiatives.

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