Carsem’s Automation and Digitalisation Roadmap to be Lean, Green & Productive

Carsem M has taken three initiatives in the last year as part of their digital roadmap, which has increased productivity and reduced human intervention in their factory.

AIBP 2021 Malaysia Enterprise Innovation Award Winner

Project Summary

Founded in 1972, Carsem M is a leading provider of turnkey packaging and test services to the semiconductor industry, offering one of the largest package and test portfolios in the world. Together, Carsem M (Malaysia) and Carsem SZ (Suzhou, China) are now one of the world’s largest independent semiconductor sub-contract assembly houses, producing over 100 million units per week, with more than 65 percent of this volume shipped as fully tested products. 

Carsem M has taken three initiatives in the last year as part of their digital roadmap, which will be replicated in other Carsem factories in the coming years.

First, Carsem M’s Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0) and Go Green initiative to reduce paper usage through digitisation and data automation improves productivity. Digitisation and automation result in significant reductions in paper usage and increases in productivity – all paper is systemised, and more than 80% of data is auto-populated into the system.

Second, Automation – Auto Track is an initiative that assists Carsem M in increasing productivity. This initiative aims to automate machines so that they can run with less human intervention.

Third, as paper-based data management can be a bottleneck in this era of digital technology and network communication, slowing factory-wide information transfer, Carsem M’s Digital Transformation to a Paperless Shop Floor is implemented, where the Automated Tester Summary Software Bin is utilised.

All three initiatives were carried out in a single factory, and now that they have proven successful, Carsem M plans to replicate the process in other factories by 2022. They are a component of Carsem’s overall digital transformation strategy, as the company intends to be 100 percent automated in order to achieve the highest quality with zero defects.

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