Customer Engagement and Service Improvement with Top Glove Connect: Top Glove, Malaysia

Focusing on customer engagement and service, Top Glove optimised their marketing, sales and customer support channels with a digitally integrated view of their customers.

AIBP 2020 Malaysia Enterprise Innovation Award Winner

Project Summary

Top Glove has captured 26% of the world’s market share in rubber gloves with over 2,500 enterprise customers across 195 countries. Offering a comprehensive product range, the glove manufacturer fulfills demands in both healthcare and non-healthcare segments. 

Prior to its digital transformation project, Top Glove’s marketing and sales channel was managed by the marketing team via email and other traditional channels, which required manual intervention and was prone to human error. Customers did not have direct access to information on enquiries, order and billing status. This demand resulted in massive workloads for marketing and sales teams required to attend to constant status enquiries and follow ups via multiple channels in a timely manner. 

To reduce manual intervention, the Top Glove Customer Portal was created. The self-service portal is equipped with a digitally integrated view for customers to access their profile, product catalogue, sales order details & attachments. It also features functions for inquiry submission and order tracking. 

Following an initial period of adoption, Top Glove Customer Connect garnered 4.5 times more customer logins between 1 March and 2 October 2020, as compared to the 8 months preceding the Movement Control Order period. Kalai Arasi Palaniappan, Deputy General Manager Marketing, highlighted this customer platform as one of the key factors in supporting the company to reach RM7.2 Billion in revenue in FY2020.

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