Digital Integration in Business Operations: Phu My 3 BOT Power Co. Ltd., Vietnam

Phu My 3 BOT Power Co. Ltd. made a shift to web-based and digital plant operations, allowing for centralised, transparent management and data that is remotely accessible.

AIBP 2020 Vietnam Enterprise Innovation Award Winner

Project Summary

In 2004, Phu My 3 BOT Power Co. Ltd. (PM3) started its commercial operations. Over the years, many management systems were implemented to assist in the plant’s operations, some of which were paper-based. 

Overtime, complexities in maintaining these systems grew as the number of systems increased. The lack of connectivity between different databases and paper based systems resulting in manual work to manually key or export/import data. Other issues experienced also included the lack of administrators to maintain different databases and it was only possible to access these systems via internal intranet, making remote work impossible. 

Having identified these issues, PM3 embarked on its digital transformation process to digitise its paper-based systems. This allowed for the integration of paper-based processes into its centralized management system. Next, they linked up or implemented interfaces between separate databases, hence removing the manual work that was required previously. PM3’s core management system was also upgraded to a web based system, enabling user access to the system via the internet.

These initiatives helped to improve information transparency and improve data integrity and quality, which subsequently improved safety and productivity. The benefits of having a web based system were demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic, where PM3’s plants could be operated with only essential personnel onsite.

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