Digital Utility 2025: Sarawak Energy, Malaysia

Sarawak Energy implemented a digital roadmap to transform various aspects of their business processes, from procurement to station monitoring and maintenance to overall operational needs.

AIBP 2020 Malaysia Enterprise Innovation Award Winner

Project Summary

Sarawak Energy’s digital road map starts with building a strong digital foundation, including infrastructure upgrades and implementation of fit-for-purpose solutions. Subsequently, they are looking to utilise data as strategic assets to look for new ways in optimizing business processes. For the past year, Sarawak Energy embarked on a major digital transformation initiative for support functions under the ‘Pinnacle Programme’. This initiative mainly involved the implementation of cloud computing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), such as Centralised Fleet Management, Travel & Expense Management and Sarawak Energy e-Procurement System. Under the Smart Substation initiative, Sarawak Energy implemented a Remote Monitoring System to monitor the condition of their distribution substation assets. The Mobile Field Force Automation (MFFA) System was also implemented to monitor and track the response time of technical field crews in attending to customer complaints related to outage and malfunctioning of street lighting. In addition, drones were deployed to increase the reliability and availability of power generation, reducing the time and cost of inspection for generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure assets. The use of IoT and data analytics also allowed for the prioritisation of repairs and replacement of aging lines based on the estimated life of the conductor. Sarawak Energy also completed a Wireless HART technology proof of concept in one of the coal fired plants in December 2019, paving the way for wireless sensor implementation which will eliminate cable usage across the various power plants.

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