Harnessing the Strength of Business Automation Tools in EVNHCMC’s Smart Grid Journey

As a leading utility provider in Vietnam, EVN Ho Chi Minh City has continued to implement digital transformation across 7 key indices in their Smart Grid Development Road Map, such as the implementation of business automation tools like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure better monitoring and control of electricity supply and improve cyber-resiliency.

AIBP 2022 Vietnam Enterprise Innovation Award Winner

Project Summary

Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation (EVNHCMC) is one of the 5 Power Distribution Corporations under the Vietnam Power Corporation (EVN), whose main task is to distribute electricity in Ho Chi Minh City. Commencing operation in 1976, EVNHCMC’s key functions lie on management, distribution, business, renovation and development of the power grid system in Ho Chi Minh City. With an employee count of more than 6500, EVNHCMC recorded a revenue of US$ 10 million (VND 265 million VND) during the first half of 2022.

As a part of the company’s Smart Grid Development Road Map, EVNHCMC has been continuing to expand and digitally transform their 7 key indices in the road map. This include, but not limited to, utilizing data analytics to monitor, automate control center, and enhance electricity supply reliability, as well as implementation of DER integration to further optimize electricity production. For instance, EVNHCMC has leveraged the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to automate electricity control center and therefore, shorten the monitoring process and improving monitoring and automation efficiency.

In addition, the road map also includes digitalization efforts to further expand green energy goals, such as installing more solar rooftops and more EV charging stations, and strengthen the current IT cybersecurity network system to enhance cyber-resiliency. For example, new implementations under EVNHCMC’s IT network system include new generation firewall (NGFW), web application firewall (WAF), anti-denial of service (DDoS), and anti-targeted attack efforts.

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