Mavin Group’s Digital Transformation From Farm to Table

Mavin Group’s vision to become a top agribusiness in Vietnam drives a comprehensive digital transformation with state-of-the-art technology to support the company’s progress and allow for future growth.

AIBP 2021 Vietnam Enterprise Innovation Award Winner

Project Summary

One of Vietnam’s top ten agribusinesses, Mavin Group is a fully integrated farm-to-table company founded in 2004, with operations in feed mills, veterinary medicine, and food manufacturing plants and farms throughout Vietnam. Mavin Group has been listed on the VNR500 every year since 2014.

Having grown from one feed mill to a complex end-to-end farming supply chain enterprise, Mavin Group started a 5-year (2019-2023) digital transformation program to remain competitive and build the most innovative digital company in Vietnam’s agricultural industry. The program includes 4 key pillars: ERP, Cloud Computing, Digitalizing, Smart Farming.

In 2021, Mavin Group implemented cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP – SAP S/4Hana) system for animal feed, foods and veterinary medicine arms, with future plans to migrate the farm business to the cloud and apply ERP. The business is in the early stage of implementing HR software which will create an HR Core Foundation for all employees, including digital self service, standardized master data and HR processes, for an integrated, future-oriented HR system.

Following the shift to the cloud and adoption of ERP, the company is able to access accurate real-time information and data which assists in analysis of their procedures and processes along the supply chain, as well as to better understand their customers’ needs. 

Mavin Group is currently exploring the use of drones and handheld applications in the relatively near future, and looking forward to the potential of smart farming, smart agriculture, and the Internet of Things.

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