Meralco’s Transformation Powered by Technology and Tradition for Utilities Distribution

Meralco’s compass for modernising the grid and capitalising on cutting-edge technologies to develop innovative products and provide excellent services is anchored by customer, grid and enterprise.

AIBP 2021 Philippines Enterprise Innovation Award Winner

Project Summary

Meralco is the largest private sector electric distribution utility in the Philippines, with a market capitalisation of US$6.6 Billion. The utility covers 36 cities and 75 municipalities, with a franchise area of 9,685 square kilometers. While its coverage is just 3% of the Philippines’ land area, it accounts for 55% of the country’s electricity output.

The company’s digital transformation is driven by external and market forces, its 3Cs (Customer, Community, and Country). Meralco’s digital transformation encompasses 3 areas of initiatives: customer, grid, and enterprise.

Customer Initiatives: 

  • To address concerns on timeliness of meter readings, a Meter Reading App was implemented which optimized routing to ensure timely meter readings; eliminated re-reading with meter photo capture for proof; and reduced errors via notification for high variance in reading 
  • Real-time Payment Validation App prevented “salisi” service disconnection (happens when a customer paid after field crew has received the disconnection orders) for more than 2500 cases
  • Contact Center Automation helped agents be more efficient in handling customers over different channels, featuring Virtual Customer Assistant which handled more than 200,000 transactions

Grid Initiatives: 

  • Modernizing telecommunications infrastructure to support distribution automation and to expand advanced metering
  • Machine learning and data models improved hit-rates on maintenance of distribution transformers, protecting more than 180,000 customers and 130,000 customers from potential outages respectively

Enterprise Initiatives: 

  • RPA was implemented to increase workflow efficiency

Meralco will continue to maximize its data by converting these to insights – from dashboards to more advanced machine learning – and utilize these to accelerate efficiency and growth by facilitating data-driven decisions. Meralco’s workforce will be made ready for current and future demands of the business through the Citizen IT Program.

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