Omnichannel Customer Engagement in Indonesia’s Healthcare Ecosystem: Kalbe Farma, Indonesia

Kalbe Farma built an e-Health ecosystem, maximising convenience and accessibility across multiple channels by integrating various business units to go direct-to-consumer.

AIBP 2020 Indonesia Enterprise Innovation Award Winner

Project Summary

As technological advancement accelerates transformation in the healthcare sector, Kalbe intensified its efforts to embed digital technologies into its day-to-day activities. Kalbe’s initiative in the implementation of automation and robotics, is part of the Company’s journey in adopting state-of-the art industry 4.0 technologies. The pharmaceutical company continues to build its foundation by integrating various business units to enhance cross functional collaboration through the implementation of an integrated ERP across their business entities. 

On the customer front, Kalbe is building up an e-Health ecosystem with omni-channel customer touch points that consists of several strategic initiatives such as: 

  • Klikdokter: an integrated healthcare platform that provides extensive healthcare services 
  • KALCare: a B2C e-commerce platform and physical store that provide products and services by the company with more than 500 thousand monthly active users and 50 thousand monthly transactions 
  • Kalbe Home Delivery: an internet based ordering and delivery service that is available in 46 cities across Indonesia by the end of 2019 
  • KALINA Hybrid Chatbot: a chatbot facility that aims to deliver an improved customer service at a lower cost and 24/7 response time. 

The Kalbe e-Health ecosystem has helped Kalbe in expanding their direct-to-consumer channels, and establishing closer engagement with its customers. 

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