SCG Chemicals
Always Optimization: Unified Solution for Asset Operation and Optimization

SCG Chemicals isbuilding an eco-system for business optimization and improve competitiveness as it strives towards carbon neutrality in 2050.

AIBP 2022 Thailand Enterprise Innovation Award Winner

Project Summary

Founded in 1983, SCG Chemicals, or SCGC, is a leading integrated chemical player in ASEAN. In 2021, SCGC contributed to 45% of the Siam Cement Group’s revenue, the oldest Cement Company in Thailand and ASEAN. The Siam Cement Group is listed on the Thailand Stock Exchange with market capitalisation standing at US$ 10.07 Billion (THB 385.2 Billion).

Being an integrated chemical player, SCGC seeks to strengthen internal organization by implementing digital technologies, focusing on all dimensions (People, Process, Technology).

Project “Always Optimization” looks at building a whole new eco-system for business optimization. There is a focus on solving misalignment between systems, to enable optimization. This started from redesigning all components to work on a common source of knowledge, to let all modules communicate in the same language The team also created“Self-adaptive” features and improved engineering knowledge from AI and Data-Driven coding to develop good baseline and bring back when the model expires from any upset.

Apart from technology, SCGC also extracted best practices of operation, standardized and turned them into automation. i.e., best manufacturing control practice in APC, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), smart E-form for operation routine. In addition, numerous internal training sessions were conductedover the past year, before the entire model was fully implemented, aiming to make all users familiar and able to use it with ease.

Going forward, SCGC seeks to develop further in the areas of sustainability and reliability, applying optimization not only profit yields but also extend the asset life cycle and reduce carbon emission. This is in line with SCGC’s commitment to reach the carbon neutral target by 2050.

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