Smart Grid for A Smart City: Vietnam Electricity Ho Chi Minh Power Corporation (EVNHCMC), Vietnam

To ensure optimal operations across its power grids and substations, EVNHCMC adopted forecasting software, remote monitoring and controls to create a smart grid which sought to mitigate power supply disruptions in the city.

AIBP 2020 Vietnam Enterprise Innovation Award Winner

Project Summary

EVNHCMC adopted state-of-the-art equipment and technologies in power system management and operations, including implementation of hydrological forecasting software, remote controls, and unmanned substations in its grid systems. 

Through its Smart Power Grid Development program, the group supervised and operated the power grid, including 220kV distribution substations, 110kV substations and medium voltage switchgear equipment of which 80% of the medium voltage grid is controlled remotely (by Mini-SCADA). The smart grid helps promote the application of live-line working and mitigates the disruption of power supply to the city. 

In addition, the group has also piloted the MicroGrid model (regional smart power grid) in four areas: Hi-tech Park in District 9, commercial offices along main roads in District 1, Mieu Noi residential area in Phu Nhuan District, and residential area in District 7. 

Outside of Smart Grid efforts, EVNHCMC is also diversifying its bill payment channels, working with 22 banks and nine partners to help customers pay for electricity bills at more than 5,712 payment points including, convenience stores, post offices, supermarkets and 2,202 ATMs. 

Consumers can also pay directly through Internet/Mobile/SMS Banking. On the customer service front, EVN has also applied chatbots using AI to engage their customers, hoping to improve their customer’s satisfaction and experience.