Telkom Indonesia
A Fully-Vaccinated Indonesia through Integrated Information System Platform

Telkom Indonesia’s SDVC project aims to become a healthcare information exchange toimprove healthcare service delivery in Indonesia.

AIBP 2022 Indonesia Enterprise Innovation Award Winner

Project Summary

Telkom Indonesia is one of the world’s oldest telecommunication companies with its original founding dated back to 1856. It was listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 1995 and has amarket capitalisation of US $27.8 billion (IDR 434.88 trillion).The government of Indonesia owns over half of Telkom’s shares.

The Satu Data Vaksinasi (SDVC) is an integrated information system used to support the Government of Indonesia for preparation, implementation, reporting, monitoring and evaluating COVID-19 Vaccination Program in Indonesia. Through this platform, the Indonesian government can carry out vaccination targets to achieve herd immunity (> 70% people vaccinated), based on its category prioritisation and vaccine availability.

The SDVC organised the system in a seamless manner that incorporated key features such as data integration, managing priority recipients, bulk and self-registration system, mapping of vaccine supply and distribution, and finally the monitoring of the vaccination results.

Through the systematic approach employed by the SDVC, complicated processes like validating vaccine recipients, determining the schedule according to vaccine availability and target prioritisation, as well as the monitoring of vaccines (delivered, used, wasted, and stocked) in every healthcare facility, became possible for Indonesia. By January 2022, the achievement of Covid-19 vaccination in Indonesia had reached more than 280 million doses.

Future plans for the SDVC include an upgrade to become the platform for developing the government’s “One Health Data for Indonesia” spearheaded by the country’s Ministry of Health. The platform would become a health information exchange to record electronic medical records and other healthcare data records including data in the pharmaceutical ecosystem so that health services in Indonesia can be improved significantly.

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