TPBank: Harnessing Digital Technologies for Seamless Customer Journeys

TPBank is determined to be a digital technology pioneer in banking and has entered their second phase of digital transformation, known as Digital Innovation.

AIBP 2021 Vietnam Enterprise Innovation Award Winner

Project Summary

TPBank is the 30th largest company on the Vietnam Stock Exchange with a market capitalisation of US$ 220 million (VND 55.069 trillion) as of 7 December 2021, serving nearly 4 million individual and corporate customers.

TPBank has developed various forms of banking digitisation through a comprehensive digital transformation strategy. TPBank LiveBank 24/7 provides customers with 90 percent of the products and services available at a traditional branch via video calls with remote advisors, and has received a lot of positive user feedback.

Second, the TPBank Mobile application (eBank) allows it to offer a variety of financial products through the use of Open APIs with fintechs and other providers. It became the first e-banking application in Vietnam to successfully deploy electronic Know Your Customer (e-KYC) in 2020, allowing customers to open bank accounts entirely online. Customers can also use the app to open virtual mPlus debit cards.

Finally, TPBank has accelerated its back-end while digitising the front-end. It makes the most of the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) application, with a go-live speed of 5 Bots/week. RPA is used to digitise and automate service/product processes, with the goal of directing customers to a digital-first operating model that reduces interactions at physical points.

TPBank is continuing to build and improve existing products by incorporating new technologies, collecting and analysing data, and researching new technologies and trends to better serve customers by creating seamless customer journeys within TPBank’s digital ecosystem.

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