TransJakarta: Smarter, Customer-centric Transportation and Mobility

Transjakarta strives to deliver delightful customer experience, improve effectiveness and efficiency, and harvest new revenue streams by implementing their digital passenger platform.

AIBP 2021 Indonesia Enterprise Innovation Award Winner

Project Summary

Transjakarta commenced operations in 2004, and is the longest Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in the world, covering 251.2 km in total distance, serving more than 100 million passengers yearly, with a bus fleet of more than 3000. About 98% of Transjakarta’s total revenue of US$214 Million is generated from ticketing.

Transjakarta’s digital passenger platform promises end-to-end solutions for the customer, featuring a bus registration system and bus checking, which will be supplemented by modules such as operational planning, mileage achievement by system, and engine monitoring. As of 2021, US$7.4 Million has been processed on the platform. The transport provider has also implemented face recognition ticketing for enhanced customer experience.

Transjakarta seeks to expand their revenue streams by scaling the platform into a bigger digital ecosystem integrating e-commerce, loyalty programmes, financial services, et cetera in the future. Tibco provides the middleware and API management to support expansion and faster ecosystem creation, and Palo Alto next generation firewall has been implemented for visibility of both business and security.

Integration with other public transportation modes is also within focus in the next few years. Transjakarta is also building shelters that support ticketing integration, as they explore the use of technology such as AI, IoT with new data structures that support streaming analytics to meet passenger demand.

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