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Takeaways from AIBP Insights Digital Technologies for Transformation

Customer centricity should be the focus for banks – not only their end customers, but also their internal customers. As internal customers are tasked to serve end customers, having superior internal customer service and gathering feedback from them would improve morale and retention, ultimately increasing profitability over time.

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ASEAN’s digital financial services industry is projected to be worth US $60 billion in 2025 as focus on fintech increases. Home to a massive unbanked population and millions of SMEs struggling to secure funding, the financial services industry can fill this gap through the use of technology and data. The transformational potential of digital solutions will redefine the future of the banking and financial services to create a healthy financial ecosystem. (Technologies like AI, RPA and machine learning will power the BFSI industry to provide better customer experiences, support security and compliance, as well as decrease fraud.)

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