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Takeaways from AIBP Insights Logistics and Supply Chain: Digitalisation for Resilient Supply Chains

Manufacturers in ASEAN are looking to invest in digitalisation as the need to align production with demand in a timely manner has increased. The panel shared about the various initiatives that their supply chains have undertaken to create resilience within their respective industries.

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Industry Overview

Digital adoption is now a necessity for supply chain optimization and for the DTLF industry. According to the AIBP 2020 Survey, close to 40% of ASEAN enterprises expect supply chains to be digitally enabled in the next 3 years. The role of technology lies in supporting and meeting key objectives in supply chain and logistics optimization like speed, productivity, smoother processes, data accessibility and agile responses to disruptions. Digital transformation enables optimised demand & process planning and management, as well as the creation of new business models and value propositions for enterprises in the region.

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