The AIBP Awards

The AIBP ASEAN Awards seek to recognise and bring together ASEAN organisations who have embarked on innovative projects with the utilisation of digital tools and innovative technologies. To drive enterprise technology and innovation networking and knowledge exchanges across the region, AIBP encourages ASEAN organisations and enterprises to showcase their innovation projects through the ASEAN Enterprise Innovation Awards and ASEAN Tech for Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) Awards. Exceptional initiatives and projects with proven impact and results are recognised.

ASEAN Enterprise Innovation Awards

Every year, during our in-country local activities, AIBP recognises local enterprises which have embarked on adoption of digital technology to improve their business processes. A neutral selection committee is formed in each country to review local nominations and select the winners.

These winners will be invited to present their transformation projects and a panel of judges will choose the ASEAN winner based on three criteria:

1. Problem Statement & Idea2. Execution and Business Impact (cost saving, revenue generated, customer satisfaction etc.)3. Future Plans and Potential

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AIBP ASEAN B2B Growth Podcast

A series of fireside chats and interviews with business leaders in Southeast Asia focused on growth in the region. Each episode will will cover topics ranging from Business Strategy, Sales & Marketing, Enterprise Technology & Innovation and Financial metrics.

This podcast falls under the larger AIBP umbrella, which serves as an avenue for public and private organisations in Southeast Asia to access and exchange information about growth and innovation. With a current network of over 30,000 stakeholders in Southeast Asia, AIBP develops ecosystems by engaging in activities which create value-adding information for our stakeholders seeking to make transformative impacts within their organisations.

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