“Making Indonesia 4.0” – will Indonesia finally realise the benefits of the 4IR?

Five key technologies that support Making Indonesia 4.0 program are namely: Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Human Machine Interface, Robotics and sensor technology,  3D Printing [...]

Yue Yeng Fong

8 August 2018


Summary of Discussions from Media Briefing in Indonesia 2018 – Asia IoT Business Platform

Based on our enterprise survey, the developments in Indonesia have been encouraging with more than 83% of Indonesian businesses are currently exploring and/or implementing IoT [...]

Felix Fernando

6 July 2018


Thai industry embraces internet of things as key partners cooperate to create right technology ‘ecosystem’ (The Nation)

The Internet of Thing (IoT) industry in Thailand is expected to be worth US$1 billion (Bt33 billion) by 2020. And Thai enterprises rank as the [...]

Asina Pornwasin

26 June 2018


Will there be 100 smart cities in Thailand by 2038?

Thailand set the target to develop 100 smart cities within two decades. The government has established the National Smart City Committee and invited various agencies [...]

Sadudee Ratanavipupong

13 June 2018


23rd Asia IoT Business Platform was held successfully in Shanghai at Marriot Shanghai City Centre on May 9-10!

“China Telecom plans to increase 40 million NB-IoT connectivity in 2018”, Mr. Zhu Ming said. Meanwhile, Ms. Huang Xuan also disclosed that China Unicom has made the [...]

Vincent Xu

11 May 2018


Vechain (VEN) Captures China Auto Industry With EGrid Partnership (Ethereum World News)

VeChain has announced it agreed a longtime partnership with Shanghai eGrid Consulting Co., LTD to deploy VeChain’s outstanding automobile solution into its current automobile ERP, SCM, and [...]

Yusuff Olayode Supoto

12 April 2018


Belt and Road, customer experience, IoT: Why China’s 8% tech market growth in 2018 isn’t just about tech companies (TechNode)

66% of business decision-makers in China are planning to improve their use of data and analytics; 62% will increase their use of cloud services; 59% [...]

Frank Hersey

2 March 2018


Snapshot of Chinese companies in China and how they are innovating with IoT

From the specific planning point of view, China Telecom has identified the IoT business development in three stages: 1. Quickly enter into the market 2. [...]

Vincent Xu

16 March 2018


Thailand 4.0: Opportunities in the S-Curve 10 Targeted Industries

In 2014, Thailand’s IoT spending was US$ 57.5M. By 2020, its IoT market is forecasted to increase to US$1 billion, posting enormous opportunities to the potential [...]

Lalita Phichagonakasit

16 March 2018


Enterprise Digital Innovation – Opportunities & Challenges in Southeast Asia

Based on our conversations, one of the challenges commonly highlighted by enterprises is the incompatibility of old and news systems. Be it a manufacturing plant [...]

Sue Yuin Ho

7 March 2018


Local firms urged to venture abroad, embrace automation (The Straits Times)

(Photo: Lim YaoHui, The Straits Times) Expanding abroad as well as embracing automation and other types of new technology were cited as essential steps for [...]

Sabrina Theseira

20 April 2017


2017 in Review: What’s Next in Maximising the Full Potential of IoT?

Anthony Bourne, VP Global Industry Solutions at IFS, said that the three pillars to a successful digital transformation is technology, investment and people. For us, [...]

Yue Yeng Fong

27 December 2017