Smart Mobility 2030: Focus on Autonomous Vehicles

In the face of growing vehicle population and limited land for road expansion, Singapore is taking a multi prong approach to Urban Mobility with the [...]

Ernest Ho

Apr 11, 2017


Benefits for Mobile Network Operators from Connected Car

This is a post by one of our exhibitors, Bright Box. Bright Box will be participating in the 11th edition of the Asia IoT Business [...]


Nov 23, 2016

Asia Pacific

Telcos take on IoT Southeast Asia; tips for solution providers

These days, we see communication service providers (CSPs) getting increasingly actively involved in the IoT space. Being at the core of IoT value chain, telecommunications [...]

Sue Yuin Ho

Apr 3, 2016

Asia Pacific

What to expect in Asia IoT 2016 series

Happy New Year!

Sue Yuin Ho

Jan 11, 2016

Malaysia | Philippines

Great potential in the APAC IoT Manufacturing market

With Industry 4.0. becoming a widely known term, conversions about IoT in manufacturing are taking place in more and more companies.

Sue Yuin Ho

Dec 16, 2015


Smart City vision Indonesia 2015 -2045; breakthrough in Automotive

World Population Review clocked Jakarta at 10.2 million residents at the end of last year. If the surrounding metro area is also included, the population exceeds [...]

Sue Yuin Ho

Nov 21, 2015