Takeaways from AIBP Insights Hyper-Personalisation for Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance: Revisualising Customer Experiences

The customer experience in the financial ecosphere holds massive untapped growth potential. The Harvard Business Review recently reported that 58% of enterprises are seeing a [...]


23 September 2021


Takeaways from AIBP Insights The Value of Customer Experience: Rethinking Customer Journeys for Indonesia’s Consumers

With a population of approximately 270 million, Indonesia is the world’s fourth-most populous country. It is interesting to note that the median age of Indonesia [...]


21 September 2021


A Data-driven Approach to Direct-to-consumer (D2C) Distribution: Key Takeaways

The session opened with a presentation by Charles Sevior, Chief Technology Office, APJC, Unstructured Solution, Dell Technologies, on Deriving Actionable Insights from Unstructured Data with [...]


21 September 2021


Telekom Malaysia and Tata Communications team up on ASEAN IP transit services (Channel Asia)

Specifically, Malaysia’s national connectivity and digital infrastructure provider, through its global and wholesale arm TM Wholesale, is partnering up with Tata Communications to offer stable, [...]

Channel Asia

8 September 2021


AirAsia says transformation into digital travel and lifestyle group complete (The Edge Markets)

“Our transformation is over and AirAsia is now an investment holding company with a portfolio of synergistic travel and lifestyle businesses that leverage data and [...]

The Edge Markets

8 September 2021


Malaysian state of Selangor focuses on digital ecosystem, economy (The Jakarta Post)

The digitalization of the public sector deliverables and services under the Smart Government domain is key in pushing through the agenda, and increasingly so with [...]

The Jakarta Post

27 August 2021


Unlocking the potential of digital economy (The Star)

According to Speedtest Global Index (January 2021), Malaysia’s mobile download speed ranked 94th (out of 140) in the world and 8th among Asean nations. The [...]

The Star

23 August 2021


Key Points on Customer Interactions in the Internet Economy

Customers today want convenience, and it is the responsibility of service and product providers to develop or adopt strategies and solutions that cater to consumer [...]


19 August 2021


The Future Retail Ecosystem: Key Highlights

As ASEAN’s internet economy burgeons, It is now easier than ever for businesses in customer-facing industries like retail and services to gain access to potential [...]


16 August 2021


Expert points to absence of Malaysian unicorns (The Sun Daily)

Super applications are attracting the attention of investors, having witnessed investments worth US$43 billion (RM182.29 billion) between 2016 and 2019, but Malaysia has failed to [...]

The Sun Daily

11 August 2021


Small but connected: How Singapore stands its ground as a global logistics hub (The Business Times)

Earlier this year, the government announced a S$15 billion (€9.35 billion) framework to attract tech-driven investments into the marine freight business. These include funding for start-ups in [...]

The Business Times

2 August 2021


Thailand 2031: A Glimpse into the Future (Bangkok Post)

Looking ahead to the next decade, the world will be defined by two major trends: sustainability and technology, according to Sethaput Suthiwartnarueput, governor of the [...]

Bangkok Post

1 August 2021