Singapore Moves Up One Spot to be 7th Most Innovative Economy in the World (The Straits Times)

SINGAPORE – Singapore is now the seventh most innovative economy in the world, up one spot from its ranking in 2021.

Dominic Low - The Straits Times

29 September 2022


Opportunities for Growth in ASEAN’s Electric Vehicle Ecosystem

ASEAN is rapidly urbanising. 47% of its population now live in cities, and by 2030, another 90 million people will be city-dwellers. Urbanisation leads to [...]


22 September 2022


Cybersecurity in Support of ASEAN’s Digital Ambitions

ASEAN as a region has experienced accelerated digitalisation which has helped to grow the region’s digital economy, but have also led to new and novel [...]


1 September 2022


Tech Giants Grapple with Content Moderation in South-East Asia (The Straits Times)

Content moderation of social media involves screening user-generated content (UGC) to determine its appropriateness. Content moderation has become indispensable, without which social networks would be [...]

Pauline Leong - The Straits Times

29 July 2022


Manufacturing for Tomorrow: Intelligent, Connected and Sustainable – Key Takeaways

Esteemed panel comprised speakers from Beyonics, Elecon, First Philec, Thai Union and technology partner Oracle on how technologies such as big data analytics, artificial intelligence/machine [...]


18 August 2022

BSP pushes for more IT infra investments

BSP pushes for more IT infra investments (Manila Bulletin)

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) is calling for higher public investment to upgrade and modernize the country’s information technology (IT) infrastructure as the country [...]

Manila Bulletin

20 July 2022


How Technology Contributes to Economical Gaps in Southeast Asia

Nearly half of ASEAN based respondents perceived legacy IT infrastructure and systems to be a challenge to digital transformation (DX) and innovation projects within their [...]


13 July 2022


AIBP Focus Realising the Value of Data in the Digital Industrial Age: Highlights from Fireside Chat

Enterprises today are increasingly looking to become data-driven organisations, but as JJ Tan, Regional Sales Director, ASEAN, Talend shared, one big problem is not getting [...]


22 June 2022


Data-Driven Customer 360: Reimagining The Way Banks And Retailers Do Business – Key Takeaways

YY Fong, Vice President, Industry Platform, kicked off the discussion by sharing her thoughts on ASEAN’s evolving financial services and retail landscapes. In today’s experience [...]


15 June 2022


Asean in good position to seize major shifts in future of work: DPM Heng (The Straits Times)

DPM Heng added that there is a need for countries to ride the next skills wave to take advantage of these new business opportunities. While [...]

The Straits Times

12 May 2022

Companies confront a new climate challenge: Home offices

Companies confront a new climate challenge: Home offices (Channel News Asia)

While there are benefits to the climate from millions of employees not commuting when they work from home, the findings underscore that remote work is [...]

Channel News Asia

5 May 2022


Digital-First Financial Services: Turning The Tide On Disruption – Key Takeaways

Opening the discussion, Irza Suprapto, CFA, Chief Executive Officer, Industry Platform, shared his views on the evolving financial services landscape. Just a decade ago, financial [...]


21 April 2022