5 Applications of Internet of Things (IoT) in Jakarta Smart City

Jakarta is looking to utilize Internet of Things ( IOT ) to realize the dream of becoming a smart city, this is in addition to using Qlue as a platform to resolve public complaints.  The various applications were discussed by Setiaji , Head of Technical Implementation Unit ( UPT ) of Jakarta Smart City , at the Asia IOT Business Platform Media Day that took place on June 16, 2016.

Here are 5 IoT applications you can expect to see in Jakarta over 2016 .

Jakarta One Card

Jakarta One Card is a “smart card ” that which is being created in collaboration with the city-owned lender Bank DKI. The card would function as an electronic ID card (e-KTP), a payment system for public transportation, shopping and Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) tolls, and as a Social Security Management Agency (BPJS) health insurance card. It is targeted that by 2019 , all citizens in Jakarta will have the Jakarta One Card.

According Setiaji , the use of smart cards can help Jakarta Provincial Government in analyzing the movement of people across the city . ” If the data is obtained , it will allow us to perform analysis and provide insights on traffic engineering and transportation. “

City Surveillance System

To improve traffic and public safety in advance to welcoming the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, a monitoring system with over 6000 CCTVs have been installed throughout the city to monitor traffic and crowds.

 Dump Truck Tracker

Garbage trucks owned by the Jakarta Provincial Government do not adhere to a predetermined route, as such a challenge faced is that the truck drivers utilize the trucks for personal use outside of their primary tasks. The solution undertaken to resolve the problem is to install GPS sensors on the government owned trucks, so that their positions can be monitored on a 24hour basis. With additional data analytics, the management of trucks can be made to work in a more efficient manner.

Heavy Equipment Tracker

In addition to garbage trucks , heavy equipment (Construction vehicles,etc) owned by Jakarta Provincial Government will also be installed with special sensors . In addition to knowing their location , the sensor will also be used to monitor wear and tear of the equipment and will flag out when maintenance and replacement of parts is required.

Smart Street Lighting System

In order to reduce the high electric consumption , the current street lighting will be replaced with “Smart” lamps . These lights can be controlled remotely and can provide notification when it should be replaced . According to Setiaji, 90,000 lamps are expected to be replaced in 2016.

With the presence of the IOT technologies , it is expected that Jakarta Provincial Government will be able to improve the public services provided to the citizens of Jakarta.

This article was first published on TechinAsia

Qlue and Setiaji, Head of Technical Implementation Unit ( UPT ), Jakarta Smart City will be sharing their insights during the 9th edition of Asia IoT Business Platform, which will take place this 15-16 of August in Jakarta.


Jun 23, 2016

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