5G to add $8b to telco revenue in Indonesia by 2030: Ericsson (The Jakarta Post)

Telecommunication operators in Indonesia could increase their revenue by 35 percent, or US$8.2 billion, by 2030, if they offer 5G services to businesses despite challenges in the country to implement the fifth-generation technology, a recent study shows.

The November 2020 edition of the Ericsson Mobility Report states that telecommunications providers can gain the most benefits from offering business-to-business (B2B) 5G solutions for manufacturing firms, energy providers and utilities as well as media and entertainment companies.

“This opportunity is for operators who will go beyond selling 5G subscriptions. They have to be proactive in looking at new use cases for B2B solutions,” said Ericsson Indonesia Network Solutions head Ronni Nurmal during an online press briefing on Tuesday.

Indonesia is seeking to accelerate its 5G spectrum allocations by properly allocating spectra that meet the demand for the 2,047-megahertz frequency spectrum necessary for both 4G and 5G by 2024. The country has also run at least 10 trials on the use of 5G between 2017 and 2019.

Ronni went on to say that 5G would enable smart operations and these could be applied through the entire supply chain. In manufacturing, 5G technology enabled fast and cost-efficient connectivity, which could increase production ability. “Many operators are still focusing on the 5G potential for businesses, but we have to remember that individual consumers will still be the majority and core revenue source for operators,” he added.

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The Jakarta Post

14 December 2020

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