AIBP 2020 ASEAN Enterprise Innovation Awards

The ASEAN Enterprise Innovation Awards was established in 2017 by AIBP with the key objective of giving recognition to organisations which have embarked on projects to transform their businesses through the adoption of digital technology. 

The awards are held annually in the following ASEAN countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam – where two winners are selected every year. Submissions are open to any local enterprise which has embarked on a digital transformation project. 

In 2020, we received overwhelming response from the 5 ASEAN countries, with over 140 nominations submitted. 31 finalists presented their projects in a series of closed-door, online discussion forums held between October and November.

AIBP 2020 ASEAN Enterprise Innovation Awards Finalists industry breakdown

The 31 innovation projects provided a glimpse of how technology is being utilised to solve business problems with key themes around achieving operational excellence, elevating customer service and driving new revenue models. Technologies implemented in these projects ranged from launching new customer-driven applications to adopting Cloud, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Digital Twins. One project that was particularly interesting was the integration of the messaging app, Whatsapp, as a tool for internal approvals which helped to speed up the organisation’s internal processes.

10 Enterprises emerged as the Winners of the 2020 Awards, and the following are some highlights of their projects.

Customer Engagement and Service Improvement with Top Glove Connect

Top Glove Digital Project Presentation

Top Glove is the World’s largest manufacturer of Rubber Gloves, capturing 26% of the world’s market share in rubber gloves. Prior to its digital transformation project, the marketing and sales channel was managed by the marketing team via email and other traditional communication channels. This required manual intervention and was prone to human errors. To resolve these issues, Top Glove created a self-service customer platform. The platform was equipped with a digitally integrated view for customers to access their profile, product catalogues and sales order details. Customers could also use the portal for inquiry submissions and order tracking. The portal was introduced pre-Covid19 and saw utilisation increase 4.5 times during the Movement Control Order period as compared to prior months.

Sarawak Energy’s route to Digital Utility 2025

Sarawak Energy Digital Project Presentation

Sarawak Energy is the electric utility company of the Malaysian state of Sarawak. It is 1 of Malaysia’s 3 electrical companies. Sarawak Energy’s digital roadmap started with building a strong digital foundation including infrastructure upgrades and implementation of fit-for-purpose solutions. In the past year, they embarked on digital transformation initiatives for support functions involving the implementation of cloud computing SaaS, such as centralised fleet management, expense and e-procurement systems. Additionally, they implemented systems to monitor the condition of distribution substation assets and utilised IoT and data analytics to prioritise the repair and replacement of aging lines based on the estimated life of the conductors used.

RCBC, Delivering Financial Inclusion in the Philippines

RCBC Digital Project Presentation

Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation is majority-owned by Yuchengco Group of companies, one of the oldest and largest conglomerates in South East Asia. They have been actively pursuing digital innovation, with one of their most impactful innovations being the launch of DiskarTech in 2020 – the Philippines’ first and only financial inclusion super app rendered in conversational Taglish or the mix of Tagalog and English. DiskarTech users are able to access a suite of financial inclusion services available on the app, such as bills payment, fund transfers, telemedicine and airtime top-up. DiskarTech was also used as a disbursement platform to help in the payout of emergency cash subsidy to households severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, distributing more than 800 billion pesos in social amelioration funds.

Achieving Operational Reliability at Maynilad Water Services

Maynaild Digital Transformation Project Presentation

Maynilad Water Services is one of two private water and wastewater services in Metro Manila, and it currently serves over 9 million people. With Maynilad’s complex and digitised facilities, adopting new platforms for building wastewater and water treatment plants was the next step in its digital transformation journey. Maynilad utilised Building Information Modeling (BIM) for the design and construction phase and Distributed Control System (DCS) as an integrated platform for plant control, monitoring, data analysis and visualization of the treatment facility. The Maynilad team utilised a Digital Twin Platform to conduct the test verification of the plant’s process control system. This test evaluation uses the DCS platform to simulate the process control system of the plant prior to operation, allowing for successful commissioning of the system. Maynilad then adapted the Digital Twin Platform for Plant Simulation which proved to be very useful in plant commissioning, operation analysis, change management, training, and plant optimisation.  

Digital Business Integration at Astra International

Astra International digital transformation project presentation

Astra International is Southeast Asia’s largest independent automotive group with 7 business lines currently. Astra was keenly aware of how customer behaviour was shifting in the automotive markets, and they looked to drive innovation through Astra Digital, which will undertake 3 important roles: modernizing business processes, establishing new revenue streams and investing in new digital businesses. With competition intensifying in the Indonesian automotive sector, Astra aimed to create products and services that could meet their customers’ needs and improve their customers’ experience. Astra Digital incubated several marketplace and mobility solutions to offer their customers more variety. Some of these new solutions include: – an automotive focused marketplace, MOVIC – a car rental marketplace, CariParkir – a parking application, and Sejalan – a ride sharing platform that provides alternative transport solutions.

Kalbe Farma, Delivering Omnichannel Customer Engagement in Indonesia’s Healthcare Ecosystem

Kalbe Farma digital transformation project presentation

Kalbe Farma is the largest listed pharmaceutical company in Southeast Asia. Kalbe has seen rapid advances in technology accelerating transformations in the healthcare sector. In response, Kalbe intensified its efforts to embed digital technologies into its day-to-day activities. Kalbe’s implementation of automation and robotics is part of the company’s journey in adopting state-of-the art industry 4.0 technologies. On the customer front, Kalbe is building up an e-Health ecosystem with omni-channel customer touchpoints consisting of several strategic initiatives such as: Klikdokter – an integrated healthcare platform, KALCare – a B2C e-commerce platform and physical store, and KALINAa chatbot facility aimed at delivering improved customer service at a lower cost and 24/7 response.

Operational Process Excellence at Krungsri Consumer with SMART-UP RPA 

Krungsri Consumer digital transformation project presentation

Krungsri Consumer is Thailand’s largest credit card issuer, with over 3 million cards in circulation. It is the credit card and personal loan business of the Bank of Ayudhya. Krungsri Consumer started its RPA journey in 2018 with the key objectives of driving productivity and customer experience. Krungsri Consumer built a pilot team of 4, and in the first 8 months of the process, was able to implement a total of 17 processes with over 85% productivity improvement. In 2019, the initial RPA model was upgraded to the SMART-UP 360 RPA model with the integration of a Digital Workflow and OCR platform. As of August 2020, 56 RPA processes were successfully implemented, with 13 more processes in the development roadmap to be implemented by end-2020. To date, over 3.3 million robotic transactions have been processed, replacing manual labor.

Digital Insurer, Muang Thai Life Assurance Transformation Journey

MTL digital transformation project presentation

Muang Thai Life Assurance is Thailand’s 2nd largest life insurer by total premiums. Muang Thai looked to digital transformation to support its operational processes and fast-track its growth strategy to become a “digital insurer”. MTL was the first insurer to leverage Line, the number 1 mobile messenger in Thailand, to help build its brand and communicate with its customers. As part of their digital transformation plan (pre-Covid), MTL launched a new application, “MTL Click” in January 2020, as a platform to provide services to MTL’s customers. The platform was intended to provide services well beyond immediate insurance needs, such as digital submission and online tracking of claims. The MTLClick platform is connected via APIs within the healthcare ecosystem, and the application provided a 24/7 Tele-health service for customers to receive video call consultations and medication delivery with cashless payments. These digital services have served them well during the Covid-19 lockdowns.

Smart Grid for A Smart City, Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation

EVN digital transformation project presentation

Ho Chi Minh Power Corporation (EVNHCMC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of EVN and is 1 of 5 power distribution corporations tasked with distributing electricity in Ho Chi Minh City. Through its Smart Power Grid Development program, 80% of the medium voltage grid is controlled remotely by Mini-SCADA. The smart grid helps promote the application of live-line working and mitigates the disruption of power supply to the city. Outside of Smart Grid efforts, EVNHCMC is also diversifying its bill payment channels, working with 22 banks and nine partners to help customers pay for electricity bills enabling consumers to pay directly through Internet/Mobile/SMS Banking. On the customer service front, EVN has also applied chatbots using AI to engage their customers, aiming to improve their customer’s satisfaction and experience.

Digital Integration in Business Operations at Phu My 3 BOT 

PM3 digital transformation project presentation

Phu My 3 (PM3) BOT Power Co. Ltd. is the first foreign-invested BOT (Built-Operate-Transfer) Power Project in Vietnam, that started commercial operations in 2004. PM3 embarked on its digital transformation process to digitise its legacy paper-based systems. This allowed for the integration of previously paper based processes into its centralized management system. PM3 also implemented new interfaces between separate databases, eliminating the work that was required to transfer data between systems and reducing manual intervention and error. The core management system was also upgraded to a web-based system, where users are now able to access the system via the internet. The pronounced benefit of adopting a web based system was seen during the Covid-19 pandemic, where the plant can be operated with only essential personnel onsite. 

As we kick off 2021, we are excited to embark on a new year of Digital Transformation and Innovation, and we will continue to recognise enterprises in the region who have started their journey. Nominations for the 2021 Enterprise Innovation Awards are now open and we look forward to seeing more innovative projects this year.

To nominate your organisation for the 2021 ASEAN Enterprise Innovation Award, you may submit the form here.

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5 February 2021

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