AIBP Focus Realising the Value of Data in the Digital Industrial Age: Highlights from Fireside Chat

Enterprises today are increasingly looking to become data-driven organisations, but as JJ Tan, Regional Sales Director, ASEAN, Talend shared, one big problem is not getting enough value from data. Not just any data, but healthy data to drive business outcomes. As Vikas Vadher, Strategic Customer Success Manager, Talend Asia, observed, enterprises understand the importance of healthy data. The challenge lies in internalising and making use of data. He shared that the first step involves building a plan around achievable outcomes from the data.

The Philippine Electricity Market Corporation’s (PEMC) transition from an hourly interval trading process to a 5-minute electricity bidding interval in 2021, and for First Gen, the increase in data inflow far exceeded excel capabilities. Josemaria Likha Umali, Senior Manager, Power Economics & Power Trading, First Gen Corporation, shared about how the creation of an ETL (extract, transform, load) pipeline enabled the power trading team to optimise bidding activities, and reorganise the use of resources and manpower.

Mustafa Qizilbash, Head of Data Platform Services, Petronas Digital, highlighted the importance of connecting data from various sources into the data lake, where key considerations come from ensuring data quality and governance. More importantly, how data is processed depends on specific business needs. A key challenge lies in what Mustafa calls a “tool swamp” from which the organisation must make good use of (existing) tools relevant to the business and its skill sets.

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For the manufacturing supply chain, Andree Hadiwinata, Sales Director, Enterprise, Talend Indonesia, shared how an automotive manufacturer sought to integrate data into the customer data platform (CDP) and data warehouse to understand customer needs and profile, thereby optimising manufacturing operations. Josemaria also shared how the next step for data at First Gen will include adding value for the customer, which includes building a customer platform to allow for tracking of energy usage.

The data journey is unique to every organisation. In Southeast Asia, there remain opportunities for various business functions across the organisation, which JJ mentioned may be driven by the organisation from the group level. First Gen is looking to explore various applications of healthy data to create value for internal users and processes, as data supports understanding of their power plants for operations, maintenance and lifecycle management. For Mustafa, exploring different options and customisations for existing tools will be beneficial for the organisation. Vikas emphasised the importance of a customer 360 view in today’s customer-centric world, which will allow for value-creation from customer insights.

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22 June 2022