Asia IoT Business Platform (AIBP) Services and Retails of Thailand survey, shows Thailand still behind the digital plan in ASEAN (Techsauce)

In the 2018 Annual survey, conducted by AIBP of 1,624 Business & Information Technology professionals throughout Southeast Asia revealed that businesses in this part of the world are increasingly adopting digital technology to remain competitive. Only 8.4% of respondents believe that Digital Transformation is not present in their organization, while 79.8% agree that their organization use automation advanced, data analysis and other tools for process and operational improvement.

The survey also indicates that the use of digital technology is different in each industry in Thailand. 80.3% of respondents in the manufacturing industry believe that their organizations use effective digital tools while 68.2% of the respondents in the retail industry agreed on the same. From the comparison, the rest of retailers in South East Asia is in the very first in using digital technology. In Thailand, sector which most give reaction to digital technology is the financial sector. Only 68% of the alert in services and retailers sector, according to the survey showing that Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia give more attention to these sectors than Thailand.

Irza Suprapto, CEO of Industry Platform, also commented that “The manufacturing sector will continue to contribute to a large proportion of Thailand’s economy and labour market. The survey shows that local businesses in this sector are fairly competitive when it comes to adopting digital technology to enhance their operations. However, businesses within the services sector in Thailand seem to be slower than their peers in the rest of the Southeast Asian region in going digital, which could hamper their competitiveness and overall growth in Thailand’s economy.” In addition, Ananda Development and Krungsri Consumer both companies won the “Enterprise Innovation Awards” in 2018 suggested that Big Data and AI these two technologies will be a business assistant. Major leading to the digital revolution within the organization.

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28 June 2019

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