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Blueprint, challenges and reward of building an IoT specialist team

Our VP of Business Development, Yue Yeng Fong agrees with Garner’s IoT specialist Jim Tully, who promotes “clear business use cases and dedicated specialist team in place” as an absolute necessity for IoT success.

In her recent article, Yue Yeng highlights the following points which were highlighted by Gartner, and discusses how these are applicable (and observable) with what’s happening in the Southeast Asian region.

  • Putting together an IoT team
  • The business case for IoT
  • Challenges to IoT growth
  • The IoT Future

Yue Yeng also gives examples of dedicated teams led by senior management that are exploring IoT implementation for their businesses in Southeast Asia (such as Proton, Petronas & Bank Simpanan in Malaysia). As part of their IoT efforts, these companies took part at our 6th Asia IoT Business Platform in KL.

If you are curious on how your company can build an IoT specialists team and how your company can benefit from IoT in Southeast Asia please feel free to contact us, read the full article here or follow Yue Yeng on LinkedIn for further informative articles on the topic of IoT.

Sue Yuin Ho

Nov 18, 2015


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