Capgemini clients to reduce IT carbon footprint with new offering (Smart Energy International)

Capgemini has unveiled a new Sustainable IT offering, designed to help clients reduce their IT carbon footprint.

Greenhouse emissions generated by Enterprise IT could be compared to the third largest country, in terms of energy consumption, and are expected to grow significantly with digital acceleration. Sustainable IT is a building block of Capgemini’s global sustainability offering framework. The Group is in a unique position to support clients on their sustainability journey through its technical expertise, customized approach, and strong partner ecosystem.

IT generates 4% of global CO2 emissions and consumption is expected to increase three-fold from 2010 to 2025. Organisations across sectors must both reduce their carbon footprint and become enablers of positive climate action.

A recent report from the Capgemini Research Institute suggests that 61% of organizations that have built a comprehensive roadmap to accelerate sustainable IT implementation have realized improved ESG scores, 56% have seen improved customer satisfaction and 44% have witnessed tax savings as a direct result of sustainable IT practices.

New offering goes beyond IT consumption

Capgemini’s new offering goes beyond structurally transforming IT in terms of consumption habits and ways of working, to empowering clients to create a culture of sustainable IT that is organisation wide. Capgemini works with clients to provide qualitative and diagnostic tools that establish baseline business approaches to sustainable practice. Across business functions, Capgemini takes a holistic approach to identifying a company’s emission hotspots and reducing their environmental impact.

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Smart Energy International

18 June 2021

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