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Cauayan City navigates typhoon damage with help of Singapore startup Graffiquo (The Business Times)

Cauayan City, which is part of the Cagayan Valley region, and located in the north of the Philippines, is no stranger to typhoons.

According to Cauayan City Mayor Bernard Faustino Dy, the Philippines in general gets about 20 typhoons every year. In Cauayan, they average between seven to 10 major typhoons per year.

“Our experience in Cauayan or North Philippines is about seven to 10 major typhoons per year. We normally get devastated in terms of infrastructure and damage to homes and crops. However, we make it to a point that we have zero casualty every time we encounter these disasters,” he said.

When a typhoon hits, it can take several days, weeks and sometimes months to assess the damage and rebuilt the city. During typhoons, soil erosion takes place and can damage essential staple crops such as rice and corn. As such, assessors could not provide accurate data of how much crop was affected and how to support farmers if another typhoon hits.

To overcome these challenges, in April 2020, Singapore startup Graffiquo, a digital twin software and service provider for cities, built the first integrated digital twin system for disaster resiliency for Cauayan City.

The Business Times

31 May 2021

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