Database sharing important to developing e-government (Vietnam Plus)

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Database sharing between management agencies at both central and local levels is key to the process of developing e-government, experts have said.

The Ministry of Information and Communications is compiling an e-government development strategy, with services a pillar in Vietnam’s socio-economic development model.

Under the draft strategy which has been made public for comments, the development of e-government will be associated with the process of digital transformation and smart urban development and ensuring network safety and security.

Accordingly, all operations of State management will be digitalised to lead the national digitalisation process.

Citizens and enterprises will be centre of the digitalisation process which will aim at improving transparency, simplifying administrative procedures and creating convenience when accessing public services.

The most important thing was developing a database system and data sharing mechanism between State management agencies, according to the ministry’s Authority of Information Technology Application.

The strategy aims to link the development of e-government with Vietnamese digital technology enterprises which have core technologies and open platforms to serve digital government services.

Notably, enterprises could participate in providing public administrative services.

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14 August 2020

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