DHL’s Insights into Big Data in Logistics


DHL was founded in 1969 to deliver documents between Honolulu and San Francisco and by the late 1970s, the company had expanded its services world wide. Today DHL, is one of the leading logistic companies in the world and a thought leader who continues to structurally invest in trend research and solution development through the DHL innovation center.

The DHL innovation center provides a central platform where the company can collaborate and engage  customers, research and academic institutions, industry partners, and logistics experts within the business divisions. Located in Germany and Singapore, the innovation center develops a variety of technologies such as self-driving vehicles, robotics,internet of things and augmented reality.

Big Data in Logistics is a topic that the innovation team worked on and they have gone beyond the buzz words, looked into real-world use cases, and revealed what’s happening now with Big Data, and provided insights into what’s likely to happen in the future. The team’s opinion is that sophisticated data analytics presents an exciting and important role to consolidate the traditionally fragmented logistics industry and successful logistics providers are likely to seize pole position as “search engines in the physical world”.

The team proposes and explores three different categories of information exploitation:

  • Operational efficiency: real-time route optimization, crowd-based pickup and delivery, strategic network planning, and operational capacity planning
  • Customer experience: customer loyalty management, continuous service improvement and product innovation, and risk evaluation and resilience planning
  • New business models: market intelligence for small and medium-sized enterprises, financial demand and supply chain analytics, address verification, and environmental intelligence

How will Big Data Impact the Logistics Industries? What are some of the Insights from DHL’s Innovation team? How will this impact you and your business?

Join Mei Yee Pang, Vice President, Head of Innovation, Solution Delivery and Service Management- Asia Pacific, DHL as she discusses insights into Big Data in Logistics during the 7th edition of the Asia IoT Business Platform which will take place this 23-24 May in Manila.

by: Ernest Ho

Ernest Ho

Apr 19, 2016

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