Digital Investment key to SME growth in ASEAN (The Business Times)

Unprecedented global headwinds over the past two years – pandemic, war, labour and supply chain challenges, inflation – are making it more expensive to run a business in ASEAN

But there is a silver lining. Across the public sector from contact tracing and vaccine management to call centre operations, governments and citizens have seen first-hand the power of what technology can do for them: delivering high quality digital services, driving efficiencies and cost-effectiveness.

The ASEAN Digital Masterplan is a clear indication of the respective governments’ commitment to realise the vision of the region as a digital economy and society.

To realise ASEAN’s potential to be one of the world’s economic powerhouses, both public and private sectors are turning to digitalisation for resilient and sustainable growth. Time and again, technological advancements have proven the ability to drive immediate value across the board by lowering costs and raising productivity.

Parallels between the start of the pandemic and this new phase of global uncertainty are striking. Companies which accelerated their digital transformation when the pandemic hit were able to pivot quickly and come out stronger. The same applies today.

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Sujith Abraham

10 October 2022