Driving Local and Regional Growth through Effective Collaborations – Day 2 Key Takeaways from the 37th edition of ASEAN Innovation business Platform (AIBP) Conference & Exhibition

The 37th edition of ASEAN Innovation business Platform (AIBP) Conference & Exhibition continued today, 2 November 2022, in The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan, Indonesia.

Day 2 of the conference presented us with insights from leaders from both the public and private sector, sharing their insights and initiatives on digital transformation.

 Driving Holistic Electric Vehicle (EV) Ecosystem Development with Digital Transformation

 Day 2 began with a panel discussion on the topic of the role of digital transformation in driving holistic electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem development, with the participation of representatives from Bluebird Group, Petrosea and Charged Indonesia. 

 Stephanus Widi, Chief Commercial Officer, Charged Indonesia shared some of the challenges that an EV firm in Indonesia is currently facing, one of which being the lack of availability of the amount of vehicles and supporting infrastructure to further facilitate the growth of EV. Echoing this sentiment, Ronny W Sugiadha, Chief Strategy & Transformation, Bluebird Group agreed that hardware and land availability to house and support vehicles are some of the common challenges faced by EV firms. Similarly, Sahala Sigalingging, Head of Electric Vehicle (EV), Petrosea pinpointed the lack of technology and human resources, as well as looking for the right partners to support this relatively new field, as some of the issues faced by Petrosea. In addition, all panelists agreed on some of the solutions to address these challenges, including but not limited to, strengthening collaborations with various private and public organizations for mutual support, and improving on supporting infrastructure such as updating on emerging technologies and human capital upskilling.

Industry 4.0 and How Digitalization Facilitates its Growth

 Day 2 continued with a panel discussion that continued to explore the theme of digitalization in the realm of manufacturing. Heliana Adiwinata, General Manager, Astra Otoparts shared her insights on some of the challenges that manufacturing firms like Astra Otoparts were facing during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as how the usage of real-time data has helped the team to make informed decision with respect to adapting process and supply chain during the pandemic. Encik Syaiful Rizal, Director of Operations, PZ Cussons also shared how the medical supply manufacturing company has manage to meet customer’s rising expectations during the pandemic by implementing business automation tools such as Machine Learning (ML) and robots to automate and simplify business processes. Likewise, Irvan Maulana, Digital Infrastructure Leader of Pharma Manufacturing, Kalbe Farma highlighted the importance of customer-centric digital innovation – start with addressing customer’s pain point and upskilling current labour, not with addressing technology solely.



How Synergy between Government and Businesses Facilitates Smart City Development

To wrap up the conference, a robust panel discussion between representatives from government agency and business addressing Smart City was held, with the participation from Jakarta Smart City and JakLingko. Kamal Muhamad Kamaluddin, President Director, JakLingko argued on the importance of accurate, fast and reliable data in predicting customer’s trend and behaviour in consuming public transport services. Likewise, Yudhistira Nugraha, Director, Jakarta Smart City also highlighted on the importance of having access to real time data, as well as implementing updated technologies such as Mobile-as-a-Service (MaaS), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), in helping government agencies make informed decisions that will best cater to the needs of their citizens.

 In addition, the two panelists also agreed on the importance of collaborations between government agencies and other crucial stakeholders to further facilitate the growth of Smart City. Yudhistira pinpointed the importance of collaboration between government and businesses to provide optimal services for citizens, as well as the importance of the close relationship between citizen, community and government. Echoing this sentiment, Kamal also shared that co-creation between government agencies and citizens will prove to be crucial, as such a citizen-centric approach will help businesses and government agencies to craft optimal solutions that best cater to the citizens’ needs.

Wrapping up the 37th edition of ASEAN Innovation Business Platform (AIBP) Conference & Exhibition

It has been an eye-opening journey across the two days of the 37th edition of AIBP Conference & Exhibition in Indonesia, as we learn how digital innovation is shaping multiple sectors of the economy, including but not limited to, government agencies, manufacturing, retail, banking, and smart city. Some of the common challenges that organizations face during digital innovation are lack of supporting infrastructure. in terms of both technology and human capital infrastructure; nevertheless, there are multiple solutions to address these challenges, including but not limited to, robust collaborations between government agencies and crucial stakeholders, such as businesses and citizens, and more importantly, changing in terms of mindset – digital innovation should be integrated, not an add-on, to the operation of the organisation. Ultimately, changing mindset and improving on human capital will prove to be a long-run solution in promoting digital innovation in Indonesia. 

We will be continuing the AIBP Conference and Exhibition journey across ASEAN region in the next month, in:  

  • Manila, Philippines (15 – 16 Nov)
  • Bangkok, Thailand (29 – 30 Nov)

 If you are interested in participating in these activities, contact us at [email protected]!


2 November 2022