Facebook launches campaign to assist Vietnam in developing digital economy (Nhân Dân)

Focusing on innovation, safety and digital literacy, smart cities, the digital economy and the community, the “Facebook for Vietnam” programme is being deployed from May to December this year by the company, in collaboration with the US delegation in Vietnam and other partners.

As the first comprehensive programme designed specifically for Vietnam by the social platform under the hashtag #fb4vn, the campaign aims to boost the nation’s socio-economic development and join hands to assist its in the path to becoming a digital nation.

It includes startup support initiatives, developer support and innovation promotional campaigns. In addition, it also focuses on promoting safety on social networks, including the safety of women and children and the prevention of child abuse, as well as equipping young people with digital skills.

The campaign will also implement initiatives to help connect the community at large and leverage technologies to support and promote social activities. Under its programme, Facebook will also support provinces and cities to build both e-government and smart cities through coordinated programmes across various fields. The platform will also host a series of donation programmes for businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the tourism and education sectors in the post-COVID-19 environment.

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Nhân Dân

25 May 2020

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