Future of Education in Myanmar

future of education Myanmar

As Myanmar goes through major reforms in most aspects from infrastructure to economy to regulations, it should also implement a strategy to prepare the next generation to be digital-minded.

The future is the cloud. These fast-changing times are making traditional learning obsolete. In Myanmar, even if the kids manage to finish school, there is a high probability that they are not ready for the workplace.

UNESCO recommends 20% of budget to be allocated to education for any country. Currently, Myanmar Ministry of Education (MOE) receives K1.764 trillion, a mere 8.44% of the whole government expenditure for 2017-2018, barely deviating from last year’s budget allocation, K1.5 trillion.

In Myanmar, although more than 80% of children would enrol for primary education, only around 50% usually make it to secondary school. These gaps and challenges should be met first, but with the current telecommunications infrastructure and mobile broadband, technology can also aid as a leveler in improving the country’s education system, to be competitive with other developing countries.

Only starting last year, Myanmar government, together with Ericsson, Qualcomm and its many partners launched Connect to Learn project. The goal is to equip traditional classrooms with tablets and mobile connectivity, so that students can access to cloud-based educational applications, making learning more independent as well as having students develop technology skills. 600 students from Bago, Mon and Mandalay districts were involved in the project with 155 teached trained in using cloud-based syllabus.

For private players interested in education industry, in my opinion, there is a higher market potential with private schools and higher institutes.

Some of the local companies involved in educational technology, from simple mobile apps to developing cloud-based online learning portals include: Revo Tech, Information Matrix, Berakah Peneil, Royal Bells Solutions.

At the 18th Edition Asia IoT Business Platform in Yangon on Nov 23-24, we have Chief of Creativity and Character Education from Korea Education and Research Information Service (KERIS), delivering a presentation on eduTech deployed in schools from primary to tertiary levels in Korea. If you want to learn from different country’s leaders about the technology deployments in respective countries, it’s a programme not to be missed.

If you are interested to learn more about the Myanmar’s technology landscape or interested in our event, drop me a line at [email protected] or request a brochure here.

Su Htwe

August 11, 2017

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