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Globe completes first Filipino technical 5G video call with AIS Thailand (Channel Asia)

Globe has completed the first 5G video call in the Philippines, following engagement with AIS Thailand through its 5G mobile network.

Lasting more than three minutes, the call was made after the telecommunications giant received a technical call from AIS, when the mobile operator also tested its own 5G capabilities in Bangkok on 21 February. According to both parties, the call took place “without a glitch with zero lag”.

“It went very smoothly,” confirmed Hui Weng Cheong, president of AIS. “My appreciation for the support from the Globe team.”

AIS also officially acquired its new 5G spectrum on the same day the call was made to Globe, with the Thailand operator citing 5G as an “extremely powerful technology”.

Meanwhile, Alan Garchitorena – director of Technology Enablement and Services Planning at Globe – said the call demonstrates “solid proof” of the company’s readiness to leverage 5G technology in the Philippines.

“This technology will deliver a new era of digital use for augmented reality, virtual reality, the Internet of Things [IoT], industrial applications and much more in the Philippines,” he added.

Globe launched its 5G fixed wireless access in June 2019, making Philippines the third country in Asia to deploy 5G technology, behind Japan and South Korea.

In January, Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) launched a new smart branch leveraging 5G and IoT technologies in partnership with Globe Business.

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28 February 2020

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