Govt to focus on supporting growth of digital economy, telecoms infrastructure (Myanmar Times)

A senior government official says that the government is set to focus on supporting the digital economy next year.

Deputy Director General of Posts and Telecommunications U Than Thun Aung said this in his speech during the Myanmar Connect 2019 Conference on Tuesday.

U Than Thun Aung said regulatory areas that will be the focus next year to support digital economy include regulation balancing, customer stratification, consumer protection, cyber security, support for the digital economy, regional integration, and social media and spam.

Realising the importance of building a strong digital economy, the government recently announced the Myanmar Digital Economy Roadmap and the formation of the Digital Economy Development Committee (DEDC) with the goal of enabling the country’s digital transformation, introducing digital government, digital trade and innovation, and to develop a digital economy across all sectors for inclusive and sustainable socioeconomic development. 

“The digital economy has to be something for the whole country and we are trying to bring digital development in accordance with the country’s environment,” U Than Htun Aung, said.

By most accounts the telecommunications sector has grown tremendously over the last five years. Despite being one of the least developed economies in Southeast Asia, Myanmar is on par with its neighbours in terms of mobile phone and internet penetration. According to a government survey in the previous fiscal year, there were 56.8 million mobile phone users in 2017-18 against a total population of 54 million, implying a penetration rate of more than 100 percent.

In fact, 4G availability in Yangon was the fourth highest in ASEAN at over 80 percent, trailing Bangkok, Singapore and Jakarta but ahead of Kuala Lumpur, Phnom Penh, Ho Chi Minh City and Manilla, according to a May report by OpenSignal, an independent mobile analytics company.

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Myanmar Times

19 September 2019

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