Hana Bank Distributes IDR 100 Billion to Kredit Pintar, Opening Financial Access for Underbanked Groups (Press Release Indonesia)

Source: Press Release Indonesia

PT Bank KEB Hana Indonesia (Bank Hana) and PT Kredit Pintar Indonesia (Kredit Pintar) conduct a symbolic inauguration of a loan channeling partnership of IDR 100 billion. These funds are channeled to users who have limited access to financial services (underbanked), but require fast short-term loans.

This collaboration, which has been running since September 2020, is a proof that collaboration between corporations and fintech companies (financial technology), especially peer-to-peer (P2P), can help promote financial inclusion in Indonesians in the midst of a pandemic.

Bank Hana’s Chief Consumer Banking Officer, Anton Hermawan, said that the collaboration with Kredit Pintar is a good momentum for corporations to answer the challenges of conventional banking in reaching underbanked and underserved community groups, which is those who have limited access and have not been reached by conventional financial services.

“Through collaboration with Kredit Pintar, we are optimistic that the distribution of funds can be utilized by users who really need it,” said Anton. “Partnership with P2P lending fintech is a new business model for the Bank, therefore the principle of prudence in lending needs to be applied more strictly.

The good track record and high integrity of Kredit Pintar in loan processing, from submission to approval, is one of the reasons we welcome and support this collaboration. “

Since its inception in 2016, the fintech industry has grown rapidly in helping promote financial inclusion in Indonesia by serving a wider range of people previously untouched by formal financial services. According to the National Survey of Financial Literacy and Inclusion (SNLIK) conducted by OJK in 2019, Indonesia’s financial inclusion rate in 2019 reached 76.19%, increasing quite rapidly since the rise of fintech when compared to 2017 where the level of financial inclusion was only less than 50%.

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5 April 2021

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