Here’s Indra Utoyo’s Tactics to Turn BRI Digital Bank into Trillions of Assets (Republika)

Photo: Sufri Yuliardi/Republika

Bank Rakyat Indonesia has Indra Utoyo in the position of Director of Digital and Information Technology (IT), the captain who is expected to be able to bring BRI into the country’s digital bank.

The oldest state bank has total assets of Rp 1,305.66 trillion, based on its financial statements in the third quarter of 2019. The bank is known as a large microfinance institution in Indonesia, with 9,600 outlets nationwide. However, the emergence of financial technology (fintech) has a bad impact on the business of a number of banks, including BRI.

Moreover, it is estimated there are 66% of the more than 260 million people of Indonesia still do not have bank accounts. “We know there is a gap between banks and a number of sectors. Therefore, we need to work with fintech so that we can reach more people in the MSME business segment,” Indra said, quoted from KrAsia , Thursday (01/01/2020).

Gopay, OVO, Dana, Jenius, and other digital wallet providers have become very popular due to the presence of demand-based applications. People also prefer to move money from banks into electronic wallets, threatening liquidity and bank resources to disburse loans to expand their business.

For this reason, BRI targets two new segments that they have not yet touched, namely: the MSME business and young users. “This segment will increase the level of the economy and we do not want to lose this market,” was the conviction of Indra.

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2 January 2020

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